Magic Store Builder -

Magic Store Builder (MSB) is the latest technology in affiliate marketing, combining an out of the box price comparison PHP script with the power of API programming, and a very user friendly templating system allowing the customer to create a fully functional unique e-commerce site, niche site, or price comparison site in matter of minutes.

JV With Me Now - is one of a kind internet marketing opportunity gate dediacted to super affiliates in the digital industry.

Boutique Better - is an excellent online shopping destination for both men and women. It is noted for the fashionable clothes, jewelery and accessories that it retails for its customers.

Stylish Shopper -

Shopping Comparison directory.

Dana Store -

Stay thrifty. Coupons, Compared products. Our database is deeper than your pockets! Find anything, anytime CHEAPLY.

Cory Store -

Products duke it out head-to-head as they fight to give YOU the cheapest price. Compare, click, cha-ching!.

Elroy Store -

Saw an item you like but couldn't afford? We break it down and show you the cheapest price & coupons available so you can buy today!

Kerry Store -

Buying gifts while not breaking the bank? Beat back the recession with our exclusive shopping deals and coupons!

Jarette Store -

Shop at home today. Great deals, thousands of coupons. Savings have never been this easy.

Owen Store -

Looking for a slick deal to satisfy your budget? View the cheapest price on over 50 million products right now!

Frankie Store -

Millions of Products, tens of thousands of coupons. Change the way you shop online now!

Armando Store -

Money tight? Compare the price of that item you have your eye on today and SAVE.

Sammie Store -

Not sure if the retailer's website has the best price? We show you the same product from multiple sites DISCOUNTED to fit your pocket.

Blaire Store -

Furnishing your first home or expanding your closet? Compare, Save & Shop with us today!

Travis Store -

Search, Shop, Discount BUY! With over 3500 merchants, 50 million products and 35000 coupons, you'll never have to Google anything anymore!

Cohutta Store -

Find and compare the most obscure products while enjoying discounts galore through our exclusive coupon system.

Westby Store -

The best deals 24/7! We provide you with an easy-going shopping experience!

Fairborn Store -

Bargain Hunting made easy, shop & browse through our massive store-front today.

Costella Store -

Coupons and Shopping Deals for the masses.

Best Value Comparison -

A comprehensive shopping comparison store-front with the best deals.

Jolo Store -

Price Comparison and Coupon Repository for over 5 million products.

Harmonic Store -

Colating and Comparing the best deals on the web from multiple popular online retailers.

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